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Paris and I ~ 'Curiouser And Curiouser'

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~ Curiouser And Curiouser ~

Curiouser And Curiouser, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

Curiosities is what is says and curiosities is what you find in ample measure here in the city of quirks on every street corner.

I'm feeling quite pleased with myself having just done a new walk for the first time with a group of around 30 willing volunteers from my Paris If You Please Meetup group, and it seemed to go ok. It was all based on quirks and boy there were plenty of them. It's incredible, but just between Place de la Concorde and the Saint-Germain l'Auxerrois church (through the Louvre, admittedly) there are more weird historical and cultural quirks than you can shake a baguette at.

I thought my voice might not hold out as I hadn't done such a 'shouty' walk where I really was trying to share a lot of stuff before. But it did. The last 'quirk' was a coffee in a place called 'Le Fumoir' or the Smoking Place, which is quite funny, as you can't smoke in any Parisian public places now, but it doesn't seem to have harmed its ability to attract clients, nice comfy old place that it is. In fact, I'd never been tempted in precisely because of what its name suggested, being a non-fumer, so I'm glad to have finally discovered it.

As for this picture, I found this place on a little side street in between Saint-Michel and Saint-Germain des Prés, and it certainly did have an interesting collection of quite inconceivably useless items in its little window, which made it all the more curious, of course.

It was in a curious street too, with certain curious house numbers and an exceptionally curious apparition of Bruce Willis which I posted about three days ago and I just know you wouldn't want to miss it. If I were the French government I'd rename the street rue des Curiositiés, or maybe that would be going a bit far.

And on that note I shall sign off for tonight, in a decidedly curious mood after a curious afternoon and carry on with a couple of my... curious paintings, which you can see by following one of those links on the right. Have a curious day now.

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