Monday, 25 April 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Double-breasted Suits Me Fine'

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~ Double-breasted Suits Me Fine ~

If any of you doubt what I said in a recent post about breasts being everywhere in Paris (not real ones, that goes without saying, I mean hard cold in your face in the street ones), check this out.

Literally at the heart of Paris' biggest (?) shopping centre we have this globular spectacle to marvel over as we're chomping on our McDonalds or Quick burgers...

And one can only wonder, can't one, and one is sorely tempted to keep his mouth shut before a stream of priapic puns of boobalicious bawdiness spurts all over the page.

You can see why the French have a more laid back attitude to things like this when presented with the hard cold facts of life on an average Saturday afternoon family shopping jaunt basis, can't you?

If you're a smoker in France, by the way, you'll have something else to contemplate as of today, as you sit dragging away on your once-relatively-smoke-free outdoor terraces of the capital; some nice juicy images of huge cases of throat cancer and rotting teeth on your cigarette packets to wash your equally teeth-staining coffee down with.

Who knows if it'll make any difference. One blog showed all the images with the title 'These images that want to make us stop smoking' or something along those lines. Almost as though there was a set of nasty, fascist images out to spirit away our life-given right to kill ourselves as painfully and gorily as we please.

Anyway, that's today's news - hey, one is turning into a regular Paris news service here, don't you think? - and no doubt there'll be something else tomorrow, there usually is. But I'll tell you what. I won't do boobs or gore or Eiffels - how about that? Instead I've got something rather unusual surfacing in the middle of one of the impeccable lawns of a classic French museum near you. Watch this space (and who needs newspapers..?).

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