Friday, 1 April 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Facilis Descensus Taverno'

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~ Facilis Descensus Taverno ~

Need I say it again? Paris oozes history. It's positively seeping out of the cracks between the stones of the city. Echoes of years and yesterdays gone by. But there are some things that seem timeless and unchanging. Such as incitations to get your medaeival butts down to your local watering hole and have a few tankards with the boys.

'F.D.T.' on the wall of this ancient cabaret in the 5th literally means 'It's easy to go down to the tavern' (everyone spoke Greek in those days), which is exactly what the proprietors must have wanted to implant in your brain as you slogged your way back up the hill on your way home after a hard day's grind down the quarries.

Whether it had its intended effect or not I wasn't around to report back, but it's there on the corner, now a very attractive little restaurant, but still, thankfully, bearing the marks of olden times and other todays to make us drink, dream and delire.. ;-)

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