Thursday, 28 April 2011

Paris and I ~ "A-hitchin' an' A-hollerin'"

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ A-hitchin' an' A-hollerin' ~

"Jus' look a-tchew, graynpaw, hitchin' yer pants up in the phota, an' yer awl reyd in the fayce - yow're a wawkin' disgrayce!"

That was supposed to be said in a south-United States accent if you can imagine one. Don't ask me why. It's Saturday morning, that must be it.

You'd be amazed if you could zoom out from this old, OLLLDDDDD door in the 4th arrondissement, I mean, really amazed, but that's another story for my 400 Paris Quirks (he-he, shameless plug ;-)

But growing old digracefully is something Paris is quite good at. For all the beautifully preserved architecture, you can still find plenty of grotty old, crumbling vestiges of the past without looking too hard. Especially in the classic older areas themselves, such as the Marais.

The Marais which is rapidly heading towards the top three of my fav places in Paris, if it isn't there already. I'm probably still in a honeymoon period as I've been finding a lot of curiosities there recently, and you will too if you get off the main roads and wander around the backstreets for a while.

OK then, I have a vernissage this evening Chez Grace, a Picnic For The Planet for 'Earth Day' tomorrow in my Paris If You Please Meet Up Group and I'm going to legendary Jim Haynes for dinner in the evening. So you could say I'm keepin' busy. Disgracefully if at all possible. I'll report back.

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Rob said...

Gramps is going hiphop like some of the young rappers? Soon he'll be singing pants on the ground, eh, y'all?

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