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Paris and I ~ 'One Is Somewhat Amused'

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~ One Is Somewhat Amused ~

One Is Somewhat Amused, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

One honestly couldn't feel more - how should one put it - 'divorced' from the whole royal wedding palaver.

A bunch of meritless, anachronistic toffs spend a heap of tax payers' money (sorry, has that been sorted out now?) on silly clothes for a ridiculous ceremony that more than two-thirds of 'The Clan' annul a few years later just like the rest of us, and the whole country throws a Kate an' William wobbly. I mean (I'm mean), Balmoral bonkers. Street parties and serious shit. They've declared a public holiday, for goodness sake...

"Mister and Kisses", slimes The Sun, as "Wills and Kate smooch twice on balcony"

The diligently arse-licking Daily Mail: "The moment the world held its breath as
William struggled to get the ring on Kate's finger".

And the sober Times: "Royal newlyweds take surprise Mall drive" (in their modest little vintage Aston Martin..)

As you can tell I'm not a royalist, and yet I don't for a moment deny or will ill upon these throwbacks to another dictatorial age. It's a bit like when France won the football world cup made in France. Everyone was delirious with joy. Dancing grannies and suchlike.

Was it because some little guy had got his little ball in some little net? (I ask myself this question every time Lionel Messi scores for Barça and two-thirds of 'My Family' goes absolutely nuts) Of course not. It's much bigger than that. It's about a feeling of belonging. Does it matter that such and such a team has 'won' or such and such a couple has 'become one'? Not for the obvious reasons. But on another level it obviously does matter, and very much.

I'm often accused of being a heartless cynic, while I cry 'rationalism'! But, despite all the nonsense, I can see and feel, truly feel the importance of that kiss on the balcony, however engineered and manufactured. A whole nation seemed to think it was something that should, and had to happen. And it did. A perfunctory peck was performed. The photo that will remain, just like his mother's. A nation truly did see themselves reduced to blubber and terribly human in that touching, if terribly public moment. And you can't take that away from them.

We all want to believe in fairy tales after all, otherwise why would Disney still be an on-going concern?

One had to admit that one had tears in one's eyes as one typed that second-last paragraph - what can this mean? It must be Sun-sickness, or maybe just a sign of the Times... Well, that's enough from your Daily Male, until the next billet, one wishes you well. And maybe, just maybe, one isn't feeling quite as cynical as before (although I doubt it, you know me.. there's that inane waving, for a start...)

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Marilyn said...

Finally, someone feels just like I do.

Sab said...

Ahh,Marilyn, you will be my saving grace!

Alison said...

Where else would we get the opportunity to see Beatrice's hat??

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