Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Signs of Things to Come'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Signs of Things to Come ~

Signs of Things to Come, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

I'm in a strange period right now. Kinda between things, waiting for other things to take off, not quite sure which of them it's gonna be that happens first, or maybe something else altogether, is that clear? Great, now let's move on.

I've got a new series of conceptual art pieces which I'm on the point of (shhh) putting up in the city, and I could keep it a secret, but what fun would that be, so here goes. They're part of my infini2 concept as usual, on boring white bathroom tiles for the street (...and my paintings rose, like the phoenix from the flames... yeah, right...) and are based around a 'You are here' slogan with an arrow and a big red dot.

My idea was that it's really funny when you look at maps and desperately search for the 'You are here' dot as though suddenly know that you are, in fact, 'here' (which is where you've been all along) is, well, funny.

So for this series I've imagined follow-up lines to that earth-shifting revelation that we are, in fact... here. And I write them repeatedly over the background of the picture. Listen, you'll have to... be there to fully appreciate the enormity of the thing.

Hey! Maybe that's 'the thing' I've been waiting for. I'll let you know. Things may be looking up, as they say.

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