Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Sit You Down Father, Rest You'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Sit You Down Father, Rest You ~

Oooff! I know this is another church image, but I did tell you that Paris places of worship, or simply calm are inspiring me at the moment, didn't I?

In this case I'll probably make it a quiz question, because there's something in this picture which is a little more interesting than just chairs, although I wouldn't mock or denegrate the tapissier's calling for a moment, as this posting hopefully proves.

So nothing political or religious or contentious of any sort, shape or form... except, perhaps that an element of this photo was sneakily twisted for dubious literary purposes and vast commercial gain not so long ago - can you guess what and where it is?

Probably the most talked about Parisian church in recent popular adventure novel publishing history, if that helps! Believe it or not :-S

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