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Paris and I ~ 'Thank Frog It's Friday!'

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~ Thank Frog It's Friday! ~

Thank Frog It's Friday!, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

Honestly, never have a seen such a miserable face staring right at me and yet through me, pressed up against the door of a suburban train in the rush hour, gazing out into the breaking dawn I see... only my reflection and catch myself thinking... "Cheer up, you miserable git - you're heading into Paris, remember?!"

It's sometimes difficult to remember why you're here and what it is you were supposed to be enjoying anyway when the sleep is pouring out of your eyes and you're dying for your first coffee and, ahh yes, it won't be long now, that first reassuring bite of croissant as you hurry up the stairs and out into the streets of the world's, err, what was it again.. oh yes, the World's Most Romantic Capital, that was it.

They read much less on French commuter trains than in the UK, I've noticed. At least, they seem too. But then again the ritual of the morning paper is much more a British thing than French. We still have paper boys, don't we (the Brits), or is my first gainful employment a thing of the past, consigned to the annuls of history and worthy of sociological interpretation like a character from a Dickens novel?

Free papers are both to blame and to praise I guess - they must be killing the paying press and yet more people are reading these days than before, I'm sure of it.

Can I be totally judgemental and probably intellectually snobby right now? Well, of course I can, it's my blog after all, but I just thought I'd ask you anyway.

Why, oh What The Frog do people see in doing Sudoku puzzles? If that's even how you spell it, can you see how little I care to not even go and check? Ha!

I know they say it's supposed to stimulate the grey matter or whatever, but since when did reading the proper bits of a newspaper not do the same thing? Or reading a... book, yes, that's it, a book, you know, those collections of dried flattened tree droppings people still sometimes cart around.

Hmm, I'm going to get into dangerous territory here, with my own thought processes, because if anything's for sure, it's that I do some things just as mindless which others would consider me a complete nutter for. Colouring in bits of cloth, for example. I call it... painting. Not only that, but I don't even attempt to reproduce anything vaguely resembling something anyone outside of a mental institution would recognise. I call it... abstract.

So there you go, I've just booted myself up the backside for my Sudoku comment in the space of about three paragraphs, and what's more, I can't even do my ridiculous passtime on the way to work - I have to give up my own personal time and that of my family to do it. GO FIGURE! My favourite expression scores again.

Then again, pointless or not, at least my creations continue to (dis)grace the walls of certain appartments or streets for a bit longer than the discarded number-graffitied pulp-rags lining the wastepaper bins and platforms of the city. Maybe that means something.

Anyway, it IS Friday, the sun is shining gloriously, spring is most definitely in the air, oh, listen, there's a bird chirping cheerily, my latest creations are probably ready for the next coat, I'm ready for another coffee (I'm clean out of croissants, darn it!) and you should really be doing something better than reading me right now.

Actually, I'm only kidding, there's absolutely NOTHING better you could have done with the last three minutes of your life than read me. And if you don't agree with me then why did you do it?! Please please tell me it was better than Sudoku. It was, wasn't it? Pretty please...

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