Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Too Bold, Les Tableaux?'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Too Bold, Les Tableaux? ~

Too Bold, Les Tableaux?, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

"Paris... the final frontier...
These are the voyages of the Skinship Sab.
His 50 year mission:
To explore strange new galleries...
To seek out new exhibitions; new curiosities...
To boldly go where no Paris chronicler has gone before!"

You really do enter this place through what you see above - it's impressive.

I'm off here again in about an hour to have a chat with one of the owners and I'll publish a piece on Paris If You Please in due course.

It's a modern art gallery (or should that be 'contemporary' - I never know) with a delightfully doable amount of stuff, coupled to the fact that you generally go on a guided tour, which is essential to fully understand what it's all about.

Well, some may say you should just look and think and absorb and feel whatever it is you want to feel, but I like to have a bit of background personally.

Art affects us all but in different ways, including negatively, and I think it's a vital part of the experience to discover why someone decided to invest time, money and emotion in what someone else might consider less worthy.

I'm talking about the new Rosenblum Gallery in Paris by the way, and it's about time to boldly split, so I'll see you around, if I ever make it back... Wish me luck; I may not be quite the same the next time you see me...

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