Thursday, 12 May 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Up In Arms'

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~ Up In Arms ~

"Up In Arms", originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

There's a coupla or three types of civic buildings that sometimes throw up a surprise or two as you're walking around the city.

The first is the high schools which I think are called lycées (I can never remember how the French school system works) and often look suspiciously like boats.

The second is swimming pools, which use a lot of blue and white tiles and other interesting features, none of which I can actually think of right now.

And the third is gymnasiums, which might just be a fancy expression for a big open hall where people can play a variety of running-after, kicking-and-throwing ball games.

Here's a gymnasium, I think, although I'm starting to have my doubts as I can't make out the word on the sign, but if the sculpture is anything to go by, Sports R Them.

So, what's the weirdest school, swimming pool or gymnasium you've seen in Paris, and if the City of Light isn't your home town, do they perform the same sort of architectural quirks where you are? Do tell!

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