Sunday, 15 May 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Coffee Time Capers'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Coffee Time Capers ~

Coffee Time Capers, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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If I counted up the number of coffees I've drunk in my life, as I sip on my first coffee of the morning at 7am here in the suburbs of Paris, it would probably give me some serious food for thought.

A web site I've just discovered called says that it was back in the 15th century in the far east and, like me, the writer finds it 'hard to believe that at one time you could not wake yourself up with a strong cup of stimulating caffeine filled brown stuff.'

The legend says that coffee was discovered by a Yemeni goat herder who noticed that all his beasts were indulging in hyperactive munching all night after eating berries from a coffee bush.

And talking of brown stuff, the terribly official-looking has but one response to the question 'When was coffee invented?' thus:

'when an italian scientist put a monkey turd in the blender for an "experiment" and found it tasted delicous. but over the years we have upgraded to dog turds and cat urine because drinking monkey turds is just nasty to think about. [sic]

As for me, well I've always been a heavy coffee drinker, and that tendency doesn't seem to be letting up, and Paris isn't going to help much in that regard either, with consumption of the strong black stuff being pretty much a religion in these parts.

And I have to say that there's nothing I like better - well, not much - than sitting in a French café with my café crême and my journal or iPhone these day, let's face it, watching the words, waiters, women and world go by. It's a life.

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