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Paris and I ' ~ 'Glories Past & Present Pale'

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~ Glories Past & Present Pale ~

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I was SO excited! On passing that strange emporium of the past just opposite the Louvre that they say is going to finally be closed down every couple of years, I thought I'd discovered one of the most splendiferous unknown passages of Paris such was the beauty of the poster enticing me in.

Alas, it was not to be, although I did reacquaint myself with the aforementioned arcade of oddities.

What the building-high poster was actually advertising, complete with the picture of a gorgeous glimmering passage, was an exhibition about... the passages of Paris. Oh well.

I went in anyway and enjoyed the experience, and the modest little display is well worth a look. The pictures are glorious and the explanatory panels very well done, enlivening this fascinating subject with anecdotes and illustrations of the various and varied uses of these places not like the others.

Apart from that, I'm afraid that the Louvre des Antiquaires still doesn't do much for me, and inspires about as much excitement as the disappointingly dry Musée Carnavalet and its stuffy so-called history of Paris.

The woman warding the exhibition smiled wanely as I bustled by, pretending to have somewhere to go rather than feel obliged to buy a copy of a book on the Passages of Paris which I'll probably buy one day anyway. I guess I should have struck up some sort of pale conversation, but my heart wasn't in it, perhaps the dust of the past had restricted my lungs for a moment.

Am I moaning? Sorry. Love Paris, really do. Do you too? Hope you do. Bedobedobedo...

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