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Paris and I ~ 'Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?'

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~ Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? ~

Judgement Day, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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I don't want to put a downer on things or anything, but just in case you weren't aware of it, today is the end of the world.

According to, 'The Rapture is Coming!' I don't know what 'the Rapture' is exactly, but apparently they are looking forward to it, so it must be good.

A Google search served up the rather tantalizing snippet you see above, and as I'm rather worried that I won't be one of those 'saved', as I really have no idea what they're talking about, you can understand my concern. Unfortunately, clicking over to at first just produced the following, which is understandable really, as today must be quite a busy time for them...

The advice to 'try again later' would seem somewhat redundant though. I finally got through to them, and learned a few details although it wasn't at all clear exactly what is going to happen today (presumably a bit later, because it's now 4pm where I am and not much is happening around here). If I've understood correctly it may just be that it will seem like NOTHING HAS HAPPENED. Yes, but AH-HAH! That's where you're wrong, you see.

The way it works is that if you are not saved, it will seem like nothing has happened, while if you are saved, well, off you go I suppose. Those of us left behind (again, I'm not presuming that I'll be among the lucky few) will be able to wallow in our regret and dread until October, I think it is (the page is down again so I'm trying to remember all this stuff). In October it really is, no, seriously, the end of the world, and that's when all hell breaks loose, so to speak.

The funniest thing of all is that apparently there are millions of morons mentally ill idiots religious people around the planet that actually believe this stuff.

I don't generally sound off on really heavy subjects on the net, but if I do it's on this blog that I'll do it, and I must admit I'm getting less and less tolerant towards religious nutters of any flavour as the years go by.

Luckily I'm in a country where I can say that without incurring more than an occasional bit of wrath from the odd believer. Frankly, I think there's more chance of seeing a man-sized chicken crossing the road on its way to the Paris Opera on a Saturday afternoon than being plucked off the planet by the Almighty.

Having said that, I guess that if I ever did see one (a man-sized chicken) crossing the road I'd certainly have to admit that everything would indicate that he was, indeed, on his way to the other side...

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