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Paris and I ~ 'Mind Your Step'

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~ Mind Your Step ~

Mind Your Step, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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It was a perfectly sunny afternoon and the soleil was having fun painting patterns on the facades of Paris

But here's a double whammy; not only does it look as though there's a column of perfect little parallelograms chugging up the side of this building, it also seems as though a wall has been ripped out, leaving a scary, lop-sided halloween pumpkin mask of a sideways smile for us to admire.

This in the middle of the Marais, my new favourite quartier, maybe, with its extraordinary amount of quirks and curious eye-candy of an architectural or historical sort.

Back to the sun and the patterns on the wall, the amazing thing is how perfect those lower rectangles on the wall look, whereas in reality only half of them exist, with the left-hand side being purely shadow. You can see that as you get towards the top of the wall and the angle of the shadow veers off, destroying the effect.

The reason for these metal bars is, of course, so that you can climb up to the chimney and the roof, if you feel so inclined. What you might do once there, and if you haven't fallen off by mistaking one of the shadows for the real thing, I don't know. Real fires aren't allowed in Paris any more, but that doesn't stop a bunch of con artists called 'ramoneurs' from coming round every year trying to convince you that the law says you have to get your chimney cleaned out once a year. Or is that only in the suburbs?

Be that as it may, it's yet another great argument for one of my favourite adages when shooting in the street: always look up!

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