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Paris and I ~ 'No Bill Sticking...'

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~ No Bill Sticking... ~

No Bill Sticking..., originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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... except this one!

It's always amused me that not only are these things resoundly ignored and pretty much disrespected (by anonymous posters, at least), the funniest irony is that in saying that no-one should post bills, they are, in fact, defacing the very wall they are looking to maintain in all its naked glory.

These little plaques have in themselves become something of a fascination for me, being a bit of a plaquey freak, and this one looks almost deliciously old, the style reminding me of some of those kitch 50s ads for hot chocolate or whatever, although I'm not totally convinced that they are actually all that old. Anyone fill me in on the history of the humble 'Affichage Interdit' plaque of Paris?

These things exist in a huge range of states of degredation and dissintegration, but this one is in relatively good condition. Someone has actually posted a sticker on the plaque itself, which has to be the ultimate slap in the face, don't you think?!

Here we can see a symbol which is LITERALLY all over the city if you just become aware of it: the symbol of the city of Paris. Can you see it and do you know what it is?

Well it's a boat, and Paris has the motto 'Fluctuat nec mergitur' which means something like 'shaken by the waves but doesn't sink', which is very suitable for this river-based city which has known more than its fair share of upheavals but is still here to tell the tale. Not on the walls though. Officially.

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