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Paris and I ~ 'Not Quite So 'Fearless'

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~ Not Quite So 'Fearless' ~

Not Quite So 'Fearless', originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

This here is a door. Not just any door mind, but an old door. And not just any old door either. The oldest! This is the oldest 'civil' door in Paris, dating from the 13th century or so.

That's old. The qualifier 'civil' was given me by The Door Keeper Himself, and I suppose it means 'not royal' and it certainly isn't in one of the palaces or other regal Parisian residences, although it is found in a curious medieval location which was once inhabited by someone who effectively ruled France for a while, and which bears his equally curious name.

Not only that, but look closely; you can see that it's 'blindée', or 'armoured', in that it's got solid iron bars running through it. When this overlord didn't want to be disturbed, or killed for that matter, you'd have a hard time doing so!

Any ideas where it is, Paris peculiarity-seeking pals? I'll give you a clue: it straddled one of the first encircling city walls, and can today be visited as one of the city's finest examples of the middle -ages in Paris. Answers on a parchment...

(P.S. OK, I'll give it to you, as I've just realised my title won't make any sense otherwise! It's in the 'Tour Jean Sans Peur' - the 'Fearless John Tower, in the 2nd arrondissement - howzat for a cool name!)

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