Monday, 16 May 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Talking Tutsi in the Tenth'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Talking Tutsi in the Tenth ~

BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

Just been looking for this building on Google maps for my mini video, and surprise surprise, I found it... minus the African gentlemen! Sometimes brains don't work too well, and for some reason it hadn't occurred to me that all these pictures might just be temporary.

In my head I'd been composing some sort of ode to audacious architecture and design choices and the like, but in fact it'll probably all have been washed off by the next rainfall.

But having said that, what a marvellous idea! I'd love to know who had it, and also who accepted it too. Without that all powerful decision maker (and perhaps mover and shaker), nothing would have materialised at all and street photographers like myself wouldn't turn yet another corner of the city they thought they knew and say for the nth time: "What the f...?!"

Hopefully it's a long term project, coz if you look at the pic on Google maps in the video you can see that without these proud warriors the thing's a bit of an eyesoric oddity, looking more like egg packaging or something than a building, and I hope those who make use of it on a daily basis are enjoying their new-found notoriety.

As for me, this is what I feed on, and although the pic is pretty uniform, the pattern is pleasant, the image pretty strong and it's perhaps only lacking a large African cleaning lady in bright orange wiping down one of the windows about a third of the way up just off to the right, say. But you can't have everything!

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