Thursday, 9 June 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Everywhere and Nowhere, Baby'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Everywhere & Nowhere, Baby ~

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Going to try and see Monumenta (current cool exhibition at the Grand Palais) now. It's supposed to be good. And big. Good and big and, well, monumental I suppose. I won't be the first to have written about it, but come to think of it I may the be first to be writing about it without including a photo of the thing that gives it its name - that great big blobby thing you can go into and by amazed by and stuff.

I get amazed just sitting on metro platforms every day, but then that's just me.

In principle I was supposed to have been messing around in boats on a lake in the Bois de Vincennes even as I type these words, but the organiser had the great idea of cancelling the event so that we could all have a lovely sunny Saturday afternoon instead of the gloomy rainy one which was forecast. Of course, if she hadn't postponed the regatta we'd all have been floating miserably in the middle of a pond, soaked to the skin, wondering wistfully if we could have got in to the Monumenta exhibition instead of testing the impermeability of the human skin in a downpoar, so I guess we should thank the heavens for small mercies.

So, my batteries are practically recharged, both literally and metaphorically, so I'll be off into the Big P to see what I can't shoot, Parisians being amongst my main targets as usual.

Hardly a posting worth the pixels it's written in, this one, but I guess you have to have a down day every now and then. I'm a bit like that guy on the right at the moment. Neither here nor there. I'm everywhere, baby. But then nowhere you'd expect me. What? Later.

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