Saturday, 11 June 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Funny You Should Spray That'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Funny You Should Spray That ~

BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

Guy comes up to me, silly o'clock, well two guys actually, Place de l'Opéra, gay Paris, that ain't Coke they're totin'...

Excuse me... he slurs (in French), may I ask you what you're doing?

Yes, I'm taking photos, I reply (he'd seen me taking photos).

For some reason this response didn't seem to satisfy his besmirched, bemuddled brain. Somewhere in the depths of his insobrietous consciousness something was telling him that he already knew this. Such are the vicissitudes of late nite life in the Big P.

This isn't him in the pic, by the way, it's his mate, he dodged the camera like a lily-livered Phantom...

But anyway, he was grasping at straws, but cheerful enough. As I. 'I'm a Paris street photographer', I quipped. Sometimes the truth stops people from thinking you're taking pictures of them, paradoxically enough, because they never believe you: a case in point.

My brandishing my iPhone as I uttered those fateful words didn't seem to impress him one bit. 'That's not very prufffeeshhhunnnull', he proferred, spluttering an spitting all over me.

Holding back my bitter mirth at having my street photography prufffeeshhhunnnullizzmm judged by a half-cut Coke-swigger, I asked him if he'd be more impressed if I unsheathed my Nikon D700 for a bit of fresh air, agitating my backpack meaningfully. Probably a really stupid thing to say and do (especially at that hour), but the moment was getting heated, as heated moments tend to...

It may just be that he knew something about what he was spouting, as there was a hint of grudging respect, but the moment had already passed, his even more inebriated mate had got involved and I wouldn't have had the chance to get the big guns out even if it had been a remotely good idea, which it most certainly wasn't.

Now all that remains of this monumentally minor midnight moment is a fuzzy and indubitably 'unprufffeeshhhunnnull' iFone encounter of the blurred kind...

(but I got that smart-arsed sucker anyway (well, his pal at least) with the Opéra behind him, Café de la Paix falling over on the left, angles a gogo, colours akimbo, a Coke bottle to kill for, and not a bloody nose in sight - put that 'prufffeeshhhunnnullizzm' in your joint and smoke it: thanks guys! ;~S )

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