Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Lav & Go'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Lav & Go ~

Lav & Go, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Hey folks, I think I'm moving somewhat steadily towards a certain sort of photographic epiphany, thanks to these daily exsplurges in great part.

Don't get me wrong about that e-word above: those who have been reading these missives for some time might rightly guess that I hate all religion with a vengeance. Well, I would if I thought 'hate' was the right word, but it's infinitely more complicated and yet far simpler than that too in the end.

In the end, these earlier attempts to explain stuff we didn't know about have supplied us with some very useful ways of looking at how we live today, not having changed much fundamentally in a few hundred years, and of course how we think, which is what it's all about in the end.

My photographic epiphany seems to be telling me that I'm meant to produce weirdly, surreally over saturated images of unreal city happenings. In fact I'm dying inside because of an incredible shot I missed today because my iPh@!*~% decided to be sleeping when the shot was screaming at me 'Take me, take me'.

You know those little Paris cleaning guys, dressed in green and fluorescent yellow... well there was one taking a phone break under one of the omnipresent Paris chemists, whose colours are... hmmm, I didn't need to tell you this, did I?... green and fluorescent yellow. I'm sorry... I just don't want to talk about it any more, just leave me alone if that's ok with you, yeah?

P.S. 'Lav & Go'! How unFrench is THAT?! And it was sooo nearly 'wash'! You've just gotta love immigrants, right (these places are invariably run by Asians, just like the Paris street cleaning business has been wrapped up by Nigerians or Malians, I can't remember which it is)? Do you think they realise that 'Lav' has an altogether less salubrious connotation? Oh look, there's someone 'laving' right there on the left, dropping a big number two by the looks of things.. And as for the young Asian girl in the window, well your guess as to her function will certainly be at least as good as mine. Praying for salvation to the great cleanser of all things (in the cardboard box?) perhaps... ;~S

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