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Paris and I ~ 'Another Bloody Statue'

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~ Another Bloody Statue ~

Another Bloody Statue, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Bloody statues, they're everywhere in Paris, I can tell you, and since I can tell you, well, I bloody well will: bloody statues, they're everywhere in Paris.

Although perhaps not always as bloody as this one, tucked away in a handy late night peeing garden, much to the delight of the locals, if you can negotiate the railings that is (I seem to remember from some sort of hazy shady past life) now if that isn't inventive subversive digression I don't know what is and wouldn't want to be remembered for anything less...

And talking of remembering, doesn't this take you right back to 1867 when the oh-so-shocking Opéra Garnier's saucy statue had black ink thrown at it in a shambolic, excuse me, symbolic imposition of mores.

It seems the opera-goers of the time found the statue far too licencious for their liking, I mean, beautiful music is one thing, but six very naked women frolicking around the 'dance genius' was a bit much to swallow.

Beautiful digression, ahh, now where was I? Oh yes, bloody statues, and this one has suffered more than most, it would seem, although for what crime or obscenity I've yet to exvaginate, along with the poor chap's name and origin (no doubt discoverable by reading some small plaque encrusted around his pedestal) so what are you waiting for? Impress me. It's through a small passage to the right of the Institute de France, you can't miss it. I'll be forever in your debt. If you can tell me: just who is the dude who deserved a right royal dousing?!

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