Monday, 30 May 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Counting Moments'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Counting Moments ~

Counting Moments, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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It strikes me that life goes in cycles, or so we sometimes find it convenient to believe.

Since this existence (yes, that's right, this one) is patently all we've got, childish fantasising aside, we look for patterns, anything in fact which we can imagine we recognise and which gives us that comforting sensation of familiarity, hence belonging.

We do 'belong' here where we are of course; it couldn't be any other way. But on a much more down to earth and visceral level we enjoy the familiarity even of things which do us no real 'good' at all: the regular pint, the weekly flutter, the ciggy break, the inevitability of yet another failed relationship (so we can very satisfyingly wallow in our grief to anyone who'll listen), the nightly soap complete with puppets acting out our daily woes so we don't even need to do that any more either.

As cynical as this may all sound, it's not. It's just this life (this existence, the one I like to think of as 'me', or 'Sab' or so-and-so's son or dad or acquaintance) sitting on a park bench using up a few more of my counted moments getting a few more thoughts out there, with love and positivity and, I almost forgot, a rather curious photo, stolen from a corner of the Denfert Rochereau train station in Paris. Then Sabbified. Let the moment count.

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