Saturday, 28 May 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Paris Calm, Brussels Wavering'

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~ Paris Calm, Brussels Wavering ~

Quiz Me Paris, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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This one's been hanging around for a while and I'm still not very sure how to categorise it, so I'll just extemporise all over it and be done with it.

One of the most beautiful things a writer can experience, I reckon, is watching mystical, rinse-cycle rubbish and riches drip from their finger-tips as they type (coz we type now, don't we?)...

That's what's happening now, as you read, there's no script, no deadline or 140 character limit, it's pure, unadulterated brainshit, comin' right up atcha, but before I do too far down this slippery slope of free-thinking, let's come back to reality with this rather intriguing glimpse at... someone's reality.

What is going on here? It's a monument near the Eiffel Tower, on the Champs de Mars, which should mean something to you now, but look at it! What a mess!

Either the engraver can't spell to save their life, or there's some hidden message being transmitted to those who are able to receive it.

"Brussels" seems to be how we spell this word in the English speaking western world. In France it becomes Brusselles, or maybe Bruxelles which creeps into a few places if you let it.

So is this inscription trying to have the best of both worlds, but which worlds, and what a curious way to do it.

It's a bit like as though the sculptor considered this stone as his scribbling pad. I like it. It's a Paris curio. And you know where I stand on those, now don't you?

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