Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Sex Is Fashion'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Sex Is Fashion ~

Sex Is Fashion, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Curious juxtapositions are all around us, and one of the reasons for finding them curious, or funny even, is that on some level we're expecting some degree of logic and coherence in these pairings. Wrongly. There normally isn't any. But if we weren't expecting any, we wouldn't find its apparent absence at all amusing.

So much for what we look for in the world. Whatever the underlying reasons, I found the above picture... pleasingly curious, let's say, if not gut-wrenchingly hilarious or anything like that.

Life is becoming less and less gut-wrenchingly hilarious for 'me' I'm afraid, unless it's in some ironic sense, but it retains 100% of its curiosity value, of that there's no denying.

Whether sex is or is not fashion, whatever that means, will probably remain obscure to 'me', but if there wasn't any obvious link between these words and a huge, naked, metallic trumpet-blower clinging to a Parisian bridge in the 15th before I passed by, there is now, curiously created by me.

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