Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Uplifting Experience'

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~ Uplifting Experience ~

Uplifting Experience, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Imagine a couple trying to keep their weary young'un entertained as they wait for a train, possible contender for the most boring activity known to man, never mind the kiddies.

Imagine they decide to give him some swings, some fancy wings, just for fun, just for gentle, nothing serious, just a slight uplifting experience...

Imagine, now, that opposite them are a hundred happy, tipsy tourists (it's Friday night), who spot the show and start to orchestrate this improvided syncopated symphony of mores... because, timid as he is (the flyer) he suddenly has a captive audience (from the height of his two and half years, as the French would say), and he likes it, he likes it, and he wants more and More and MORE..!

At each lead up - there are three false starts - (to the kid being launched into the air by the weary parents, in case you are losing the plot, like me ;-) the chorus rises to a crescendo, until 'Lo!', or rather 'Hi!': he's projected into metrospace with a shout.

The first indication that something was happening was the rising roar, and most of us, no doubt, tutted and frowned, thinking 'Bloody tourists', or something along those lines, including me, being an inverted Paris snob up there with the best of them, sine paris... ;~S

But then I thought, well, hang on, what exactly is going on here, and wandered over, and witnessed the scene.

It's Friday night (did I mention it's Friday night?), people are pissed. I mean vomiting. Travellers are tired; commuters are comatose; you get the idea. And yet EVERYBODY is smiling. Like EveryBody in the entire, boring, miserable, smelly, slimy station is SMILING at this minor earthquake of a slighting event.

There is still hope people. We want to enjoy life.

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