Friday, 27 May 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Quiz Me Paris'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Quiz Me Paris ~

Quiz Me Paris, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

This here is an attempt to prove that I'm not 'just' some miserable anti-social wierdo who sits at home or roams the streets with a camera in one hand and a loaded anti-social attitude in the other. I'm much more than that folks.. ;-S

Look: I socialise, I meet people, I even take part in conventional events such as 'going down the café' and buying cocktails at €9.50 a shot (a snip at 'only' 6.50 during 'happy' hour).

Here were are during Adela's wonderful Paris If You Please quiz - great questions, great bunch of people, and above all a great winning team atmosphere.

We've finally found Nirvana, I believe: a Paris café, centrally placed, with a big back area which can be casually reserved on an early week day for a bunch of us - perfect. I'm so fired up I'm going to do another quiz very soon indeed :-D

I must admit, I thought a few of the questions were a bit hard, although someone uncharitably suggested that was just because I didn't know them, which, well, I can't 'argue' with that as such, but for some reason I think I should almost by definition know EVERYTHING about Paris, and when someone so obviously proves how far from the truth that is I go into a mega-sulk and cry into my cocktail, sometimes even tripping over my bottom lip and taking my bat and ball home into the bargain.

So I'll do the questions next time and people can be appropriately awestruck by my encyclopedic knowledge of the capital, as I smile benignly, secretly hoping that no-one has the book I stole all the questions from was occasionally inspired by.

Example 'toughy' question from Adela the quizmistress (top left in the pic): "Who is Sequana?" Send your answers down the Seine to me in a pea-green boat...

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