Sunday, 19 June 2011

Paris and I ~ 'A Second Tragedy'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ A Second Tragedy ~

A Second Tragedy, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Am I the only one out here for whom time necessarily has to STOP.

Whenever all the digits on one's darned digital watch or a given passing platform clock are about to swing into synchronicity?

As you can see, here I missed it by a second. A tragic loss to those of us who are so declined, as I'm not sure you can understand. Try collecting stamps or coins or bottle tops or something, then maybe (I said 'maybe') we can facemail some time...

"But what was The First (tragedy)?", I hear you sigh. Well, THAT deserves a real ticking off, because you obviously haven't been paying attention if you need to ask such an obvious question. I'll put it down to a temporary hiccup; a momentary lapse of reason, if you will.

Pink Floyd would be proud of you.

Of course, obviously, without a second's hesitation, it goes without saying, in the blink of an eye, in the bat of a wing's beat, the flash of an eyeful, the First Tragedy was...

The First Tragedy was...

The first tragedy was being born in the first place, because there's No Way we will ever have time to discover all the Smiths and Beatles and Richard Thompson and Joni and Kate and Tracy and Black Uhuru and Terry Jacks and Slade and Brel and Momus and Clash and Bl*ck S*bb*th and Led Zep and Bjork and Burial and Neil Young and Ministry and Broadcaster and XTC tracks and many many others who could make our lives a little more meaning full.

And everyone else who knew me.

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