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Paris and I ~ 'Barmy Is As Bar Me Does'

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~ Barmy Is As Bar Me Does ~

Barmy Is As Bar Me Does, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Another bar-me pic. Interior design. I should have been an interior designer. No, I should've been a photographer of interior design. No, that's not true too.

But it's another world, the world of the café, the Parisian interior decor and there are many bloggers who often offer glimpses of this universe in between I don't know what luscious entré and to-die-for dessert. It's not a world I'm all so familiar with.

If a feature is going to grab my eye, it's more likely to be a grubby detail in some dodgy café somewhere as opposed to a designer restaurant designed by leading whatnot Monsieur so-and-so.

But I like the simple juxtapositions, the sneaky shadows (have you ever wondered what 'a shadow' really is? Turn the light off, or another on... and it's gone - there's ephemera for ya!

This pic's a queasy lop-sided affair, in an effort to get the elements all in, leaving a gaping great hole on the mid-top left, although there's a certain coherence produced by the diagonal produced by the top of the lamp, the lamp's shadow and the coat pegs left-hand side.

Why am I bothering you with this? Perhaps it's the closet interior designer in me desperately trying to say something intelligent about this unfamiliar territory.

But - oh - is that the time? I'd best be off. 8pm is closing time in some Paris cafés - can you believe that? Time to snuff out the lights, wipe away the shadows and start all over again tomorrow morning. I intend to be there, for a while at least.

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