Monday, 18 July 2011

Paris and I ~ 'D'you Get Wafers With It?'

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~ D'you Get Wafers With It? ~

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Ever since Paris Plage ('Paris Beach' to you an' me) laid down its sandy bed ten years ago, it's been providing foto folks like me with enough fodder to fill a fousand albums.

People do funny things when they're pretending to be at a seaside resort in the middle of a land-locked sweaty summer city.

This is, as I said, the tenth anniversary of this annual dirge denial where those of us unable, unwilling or simply uninterested in going away for the holiday period pretend we are, after all, not in the middle of a hot metropolis, if just for a few stolen moments.

Are we convinced? No, not really, but then the novelty of it is still quite refreshing, as long as you're not some whinging pom whining on about tax-payers money and the like. Sure, we could spend money on a lot of things, just as we could forego an overpriced lunchtime sandwich just once in our life and give our €4.50 to the side walk squatter we pass every. single. day. on our weasely way from the metro to work in the morning. But don't.

The reasons for buying, or not buying such and such an idea are complex, and probably not even a deep understanding of my Scottish compatriot's Wealth of Nations or Theory of Moral Sentiments would leave us much clearer, in our own minds, of what the best thing to do with money really is. Life just ain't that simple I'm afraid. Or pleased. Complexity keeps things interesting, don't you think? Keeps us on our toes. Provides us with choices.

Stripy or plain? Red or blue? Do you want wafers with it? To lie or not to lie. To dare a gentle caress. It seems like the marrow of life, the simple existential choices can still survive, even on a sprinkling of imported sand cloaking a normally polluted route for the rat-race in a tourist trammelled city in the jolly month of July. Yeah, I'll have wafers with it.
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