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Paris and I ~ 'Walking Wounded'

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~ Walking Wounded ~

Walking Wounded, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Oh how cute... :-D Someone's curved a lovably lop-sided little heart out of this old palm tree.

Except that it's probably not very green to go carving up nature these days, if you tried carving up these particular trees you'd probably end up spending a long time in an unfriendly police cell and paying a large fine, and, well, the story isn't at all as lovely as all that.

We're looking at the war wounded here folks. Collateral damage. If they weren't an inherent part of you-know-where (don't you?), they'd be at Invalides which was specially built for looking after those incapacitated in the call of duty.

Imagine schrapnel flying out from a thousand grenades or heavy gun fire tearing through these pour souls. That's what we're seeing here, and similar reminders of Paris' poignant past can be seen on a score of walls all around the central part of the city.

Of the eight brave survivors I counted three or four who had suffered similar gouging. They're only brought out in summer as they're not acclimatised to Paris winters, so you'll have to hurry if you want to see them, but the chances are you have done even without being aware of it as you walk around what is probably the capital's most legendary park.

So spare a thought for those who perished in the first and second world wars on your sunny Sunday stroll, and remember, the past is never very far behind you in this neck of the woods. Or Paris ain't always a beach, if you prefer...

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