Thursday, 14 July 2011

Welcome To My World

Welcome To My World, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
For those of you who have just recently found my little corner of the web, resolutely devoted to the city of Paris in all its absurd glory, this image rather sums it up for me; quirky absurdity and sly curious in a classical setting.

The Paris I love is full of surprises, a smorgasbord of personalities and priorities, all thrown together, for better or for worse, to work this thing out between them.

Not for me shots of sweets, meats, boots and bags, wondrous as many of these creations most undoubtedly are. No, what I love is the unexpected, the unpredictable, that impossible to presuppose moment when city stirrings and underground insolence melds with pedestrian passings to become, if I've been lucky, a blurry instant for me to look back on and wonder about the wonder of it all.

I'd say I wonder if anyone feels the same, but I know that quite a few of you do, so I won't insult you by suggesting I'm the only one who feels this way. But then again, this particular world view isn't for everyone, which is fine. But that's what you'll get here: my world view, of the micro-cosmos known as the capital of France, the City of Light (and Darkness too); the place I call home.

That would be Paris, murky, mysterious, mesmerising Paris.

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