Thursday, 23 June 2011

Paris and I ~ 'White's All Right'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ White's All Right ~

White's All Right, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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This Saturday I'm going to a not-particularly-serious rowing regatta (Read: messing about in boats, sorry Melissa ;-) where the Dress Code is white. Umm, I generally do black, or blues, greys and oranges with a bit of violet thrown in for good measure. But I NEVER do white.

There's another event in my inbox where the theme is 'monochrome'. Sounds suspiciously like black (ok so far) and 'white', yikes, there it is again!

Now I'm passing an ad in the metro for the two-tone ska group, The Specials, playing Paris in September, you can guess what colour the poster is.

And what's this? A black and white cop car, straight out of the sixties(?), sitting on a Paris sidewalk?

And just when I thought I'd finally found my 'thing'', my long-sought photographic style, with saturated colours imbuing everything in sight...

It looks like Paris is out to thwart me once more, or maybe inspire me to greater height and sights and hues.

I guess when all's said and done, and I've pressed the shutter button one last time, like the old cricketer, about to leave the crease, if you had to sum up my life and work in a phrase, you'd be forced to colour me Paris.

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