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Paris and I ~ 'Why Are Girls So Stupid?'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Why Are Girls So Stupid? ~

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I took this a while back now in the streets of Paris, and can't remember for the life of me what it was an ad for. I thought it would be a stronger image without the stupid advertising slogan, I seem to recall.

It was the two ripped up 'My girl is stupid' stickers that made the image worth shooting, of course. Without them it would just have been a picture of someone else's picture, even if I did add a few special effects, and that's not street photography in my book.

I also can't remember what the 'My girl is stupid' stickers are about either. A Google search doesn't help much, but it does cause an eyebrow to cock, I must say.

Typing 'my girl is stupid' leads, logically enough I suppose, to a whole load of discussion forums and Q & A pages dealing with, well, can you guess? Stupid girlfriends!

It seems that there's an inordinate and rather depressingly large number of guys out there in this pitiful predicament. I feel for them, I really do. Here's a sample, called 'My girlfriend is stupid?':

well lets just get to it, ive been dating this girl for 8 months and she dyes her hair constantly and it annoys the piss outa me, about 2 months ago i confessed to her how much i hate having to adjust to a new hair color every couple of damn weeks. i said this cause she wouldn't let me cut my hair and she wanted it to grow out...i absolutely did not but w/e i let it grow (now its long as **** -.-)

It's riveting stuff, I know, and you can read the whole sorry story here.

Here's another example, entitled 'Is my girlfriend that stupid?':

Okay, you know those stupid little fights that couples get in? Well I was talking to my girlfriend just now, and she was telling me how she really missed living in New York City.

Well, the thing is, she's from a suburb of NYC called "Farmingdale".

So, I politely corrected her and said "you didn't live in NYC, you lived in Farmingdale." This turned into an hour long argument, about her telling me how she's from New York City and I'm wrong. I'm sorry, but if you look at that map, it shows that she is almost 1 hour away from Manhattan...

More excitement here.

I'll spare you 'I called my girlfriend a stupid B - and it's her birthday today', and leave you with the genuinely perplexing 'Is my girlfriend a stupid fucking whore?':

long story short, i am hanging out with my GF and 2 of her friends(also girls) one ive dated before and the other i almost dated and fooled around with several times. my GF knows i find both of them attractive. well they were watching porn, and being slightly suggestive, then my GF got/gets mad every time i even slightly suggest that they do "something" (they are all bi)

am i missing something or is my GF just a stupid bitch?

The answers are just as revelatory, and occasionally poignant too.

Thank goodness guys don't suffer this terrible affliction. Phew! ;~S
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