Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Paris and I ~ 'You Lookin' At ME, Punk?'

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~ You Lookin' At ME, Punk? ~

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I've heard it suggested that advanced civilisation did not arise in sub-Saharan Africa because you can't saddle a rhinoceros and ride it into battle.

I've also heard it claimed that faith itself, the irrational belief in stuff you have no evidence for, is a little like a rhino: it will do nothing in the way of real work for you, and yet up close and personal it makes spectacular demands on your attention.

Why on earth am I talking about rhinoceroses and faith? Well it's simple really; I'm reading a fascinating book called 'The End of Faith' and they mention the rhino metaphor in it, and, in the true spirit of Paris, I just had to go, seek and shoot one for myself in my capital of predilection, didn't I? You know me. Handy with a lens hood and a dab hand at liturgical heresy. I couldn't resist. For more irreverence, go here. For less irreverence, don't.

Nearby you'll find an irate nelly, a posing stallion and a whole bunch of other statues - have you guessed where it is yet? In front of the Musée d'Orsay, parbleu!

What can't you find in Paris? That, is the question.

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