Sunday, 21 August 2011

Black Beauties & White Weddings

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Black Beauties & White Weddings ~

Black & White Beauties, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

Wow, here's one for the wedding photographers amongst you to snigger and sigh at. And to think I used to be one in a past incarnation.

Check out those lovely dark skin tones, beautifully exposed for all to see. Erm... shame about the blinding white void surrounding them. A photographer's nightmare, to be sure. Of course, I was using a singularly unadapted tool for this shot, and I'm sure the hunched gentleman got far better results than I did in this passing grab-shot, but still. Tricky lighting conditions in anyone's book.

The bridge, in case you hadn't realised, is perfect for this sort of staged pomp - the over the top Pont Alexandre III, with plenty of frills and fancy of its own. The backdrop is perfect, of course, which is why on this particular Sunday afternoon I think it was, there was a veritable procession of Rolls and reclining couples lining up to get their precious pics taken on this famous monument, with Lady Eiffel towering benignly in the background. Good luck to them, and I'm just glad I wasn't their official wedding photographer equipped as I was that day.

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