Thursday, 18 August 2011

Burning Need For Snow

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~ Burning Need For Snow ~

Burning Need For Snow, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

Phew, is it hot right now in the City of Light as I write (August 2011)! And some worthy souls have to head into even more heat at the drop of a hat (it's not only Fireman's Balls they're famous for, unfortunately)...

This is a wild monument / tribute to the brave boys in shiny silver helmets up in the north-west of Paris who rescue people from burning buildings and perform other Very Brave Acts.

The banner on the left says "1811-2011 Courage et Devouement" (courage and devotion), and the one on the right says "200 ans - Notre histoire et d'abord le vôtre" (200 years - Our history is above all yours). Very touching and pretty impressive if you get a chance to check it out, and I think you should. Here's the Google Maps reference, the rest is up to you...

I wouldn't recommend following my recommendations for things to visit, however, as it's much more fun to find them yourself I reckon. Now you have a dilemma as to which 'recommendation' to follow, a sort of logical bifurcation, if you will, along the lines of trying to work out whether the person who says "I always lie" is telling the truth or not, hehe ;~S.

In the meantime, just do it; I do, and I've got the worn out trainers and aching legs to prove it! And besides, with over a thousand call outs a day according to some figures, they probably don't get much time to admire this glorious modern obelisk, so in retrospect I'll retain my first recommendation and reiterate my resultant request to go give it some retina time.

That last sentence had lots of words beginning with 'r' and followed by 't' at some point, by the way. The literary term is ralliteration. Thank you, thank you, I thank you.

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