Thursday, 28 July 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Don't Lose Your Trousers'

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~ Don't Lose Your Trousers ~

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Cowardly as it may seem, and you'll realise now why I didn't gravitate towards war photography, I tend to prefer observing heavily armed soldiers from the other side of the tracks.

Here's a case in point. Down-town Paris, that uniquely aromatised antrum known as Les Halles (you'll know what I mean if you know it) and it's just another day, another loser surrounded by four or five machine-gun totin' urban storm-troopers being told to get his trousers back on. Or pants if you prefer. Or possibly both. Oh dear.

Don't mock it though, I've been there. On the other platform, I mean. The entrails of the city are a veritable microcosm of all that's not right with our society. Occasionally the antics of our unfortunate fellow metro mice are funny, but mostimes they're simply sobering.

And to lighten things up a bit, check out the cat-in-a-box pic I also took on the platform at Les Halles, and let it not be said that I always dwell on the uncomfortable side of the city. As boxes go it doesn't look too bad, but if looks could kill you might think differently. I asked him how he felt but apparently the cat had got his tongue.

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