Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Lost: Old-School Marketing

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~ Lost: Old-School Marketing ~

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One of the strangest new advertising trends of the moment is to disguise attempts to flog you sunglasses or clothes or whatever as street art or here, small ads which are twisting reality at best, and downright dishonest at worst.

I showed you an example of bogus Paris street art here, with an optician Grand Optical graffiti-ing the flagstones beneath our feet for their decidedly unspectacular products...

Now we have a motorbike company trying to dupe us into going to a website purportedly set up by someone whose life has crumbled since the loss of his new Vespa PX. So much so that he's also willing to buy someone a brand new model of the same to the person who finds his much dearly departed. At which point you are probably starting to think, yeah, right...

But cynicism aside, it's an interesting new twist to getting publicity for your wares and for all I know it's a roaring success. Whether it's actually legal, or horror of horrors, ethical, is another question entirely.

Vespas have a bit of a cult following here in France, as elsewhere, but I always leant more towards (ahem) 'proper' bikes myself... ;~S

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