Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Paris and I ~ 'McDon't'

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~ McDon't ~

McDon't, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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You may not like McDonalds. No, that's not a prohibition, just an avowal of what the world doesn't seem to get.

They're pretty successful, you see. But does that give them the right to take over every historic building in sight and stick their evil 'M' all over it?

Now I have to admit that I haven't yet researched this building; for all I know maybe that stupid Ronald McDonald clown built it himself, but I doubt it somehow.

All credit to them, the Paris council do have limits, and apart from the aforementioned 'M' and accompanying awning, oh yes, and a couple of huge banners draped all over the front of it, they haven't really touched it much, thank goodness.

Assuming this building is original and old it will certainly feature at some point in my Paris Quirks & Curios series, but until that glorious day when I'll hopefully have rather more to say about it, let us just gawp and wonder... what on earth will they Mackify next? How long before we have Notre Dame des Frites? The Eiffel Tower Shake? The Sacré Coeur Beurgeur? Only time will tell.

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