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Paris and I ~ 'Open For Buziness'

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~ Open For Buziness ~

Open For Buziness, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Now if you didn't read French you might be forgiven for thinking, what the Beeep? It's a strange structure indeed.

It's a 'charming hotel for bees' although I didn't see too many buzzing around, so either it's very new (which it seems to be) or its charms are failing to attract the targetted clientele for the time beeing.

Suffering eschewdom or not, it's a wonderous thing to behold, this bee hotel construction.

A vast number of little holes have been drilled into the equally diverse range of pieces of wood placed in formations which I can only guess are of the aesthetically pleasing sort favoured by our furry little honey-hoarding friends.

It can be found in the Jardin des Plantes if you care to take a closer look, and you should, as this garden has more than a couple of curiosities up its greensleeves for those who wander with their lenses open, biological or mechanical, the surprises remain the same.

Bees are fascinating creatures, by the way. Apparently they have more lenses in their five eyes (thousands in the two compound ones) than any photographer could ever dream of having, and can perceive movements only 1/300th of a second apart as opposed to our measly 1/50th of a second. They can't see red but are rather responsive to ultra-violet. The honey we are so partial to is actually multi-regurgitated, dehydrated nectar (yummy!) and they inadvertently pollinate plants allowing life on the planet to go on lifing. They're grumpy when it's cloudy or windy and they can't go foraging and a sting can kill someone with a propensity to be killed by a bee sting. There's more, but that'll do for now. How do I know all this? Well I just did a funny little dance and the facts came flooding in.

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