Thursday, 11 August 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Platform Practicality in a Pea-pod'

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~ Platform Practicality in a Pea-pod ~

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I glimpsed this on a certain platform on a certain line and at first it didn't register that I was looking history in the eye.

On other platforms in other stations there are hints of the remains of these curious little cabins in the form of display boxes or information points, but this is the only one I know of kept in its original form and long may it remain so.

You could call this the metro equivalent of the last Parisian 'vespienne' (the gloriously iconic open-air toilet (for men) of which there remains but one spectacularly stinky example.

Here it's not about peeing but about peeping - the station master used to watch the trains come and go, looking out for anomalies and able to control certain events thanks to a direct link of some sort back to mission control.

Alas, these days with centralised functionality and remote-controlled cameras and driverless trains these mini-offices have become a thing of the past, a legacy from a bygone era, if you will, and besides, whoever was in there would probably risk getting aggressed about three or four times a day judging by the times we live in today...

See if you can spot this one or its replacements as you travel through the system, and think back to when someone spent their working day inside it.

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