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Paris and I ~ 'Shake For Me Lord'

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~ Shake For Me Lord ~

Shake For Me Lord, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Paris is a colourful place by anyone's definition, but nowhere so than in some of its outlying ethnically influenced areas, if that's still the right phrase to use.

The Titan Club was advertising up here in the outer reaches of the 18th at Porte de la Chapelle, although they hold their African disco extravaganzas on the Avenue de Clichy in the 17th.

Both events shown here were on offer at the same venue, although I didn't note whether the evening under the direction of the Holy Spirit himself, err, herself, itself (?) was then followed by the light, if debauched relief of scantily clad fishnet flashing babes or if sins of the flesh could conveniently be repented shortly after courtesy of our snazzily dressed preachers as shown above.

Whatever the truth, colourful it looks indeed, with a certain penchant for pinky-purple by the looks of things, which happen to be two of my favourite colours, so I'm all for it.

If anything detracted from the appeal of these events it was the fact that the posters were plastered onto electricity boxes in a pretty run down area, and the glamour faded further with the ripped paper peeling away as the grime of the quarter deposited itself unforgivingly as usual.

Mind you, I kick myself sometimes for not exposing myself a first hand to more of these wondrous event on offer almost on my doorstep. Not that I particularly feel the need for 'Jesus Christ to grant me the faith which triumphs so that I can declare the impossible', whatever that means, nor, surprisingly enough, do I have deep-down carnal desires to watch exotic grinding bodies which I wouldn't have a clue what to do with, even if one of them did land rather awkwardly in my lap in a night club near here some time soon.

No, I'll keep at least two camera lenses' distance between myself and such forbidden fruits for this little white boy and hope to still be around for a while yet to bring a bit more colour to your lives just the way I like it.

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