Friday, 12 August 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Sign Language Serendipity'

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~ Sign Language Serendipity ~

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Can't tell you how much I love this shot, so I won't.

But got me thinking I should really do a series on all the wild and wayward Paris metro signs, since, despite their apparent homogeneity, if you make a point of actually looking each time you pass one, you'll quickly realise that there is far more variety that at first seems to be the case.

Perhaps it's because we are so used to seeing the most common and stereotypical ones on the covers of guidebooks and the like, but far from boring monotony, a great deal of inventiveness and originality can be evidenced in their design.

This one here uses an interesting metal cut-out technique to create the letters, which can then be backlit, and is still nice and characterful, in stark contrast to the characterless new versions of recent stations such as Olympiades on the driverless Line 14, (driver = character?) which I won't even grace with a photo for the time being, until I can find something suitably derogatory to say about it.

Try as I might, though, and often as I suggest others do so, I find it hard to stick to a photographic theme more constricting than the city itself when I go about my daily snapping. Then again, having an idea like 'interesting metro signs' in mind can only be a good think as you wander I reckon. It's that old phenomenon of seeing tons of them as soon as you become aware. You are thinking of buying a certain type of car and suddenly you seem to be surrounded by them everywhere you go.

So slip this idea into your head and see what happens as you hazard a hike; I won't be the slightest bit surprised to hear that happenstance has out - let me know!

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