Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Swinging On The Seine'

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~ Swinging On The Seine ~

Swinging On The Seine, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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The banks of the Seine are not only a wondrous place, but a place of wonders, and you might well wonder what's going on here, as our millinery minions are probably thinking too.

No, of course they're not, it's quite clear what's going on: people are getting on down on the riverbank just across from the southern tip of Ile Saint-Louis, so a magical location indeed.

Not that I'm interested in taking part in the slow smooches, sexy salsas or impenetrable ballroom or tango movements - I long ago realised that music, for me, is to be appreciated aurally alone, with the occasional head nod (or 'bang' in the old days) or toe-tap. No need for me to gesticulate wildly any more, and watching dancers with the music turned off is good enough reason for me, I'm afraid.

I've tried, in my time, a variety of rhythmic activities to the tune of, well, tunes, but in the end my pleasure is probably greatest simply appreciating the music itself for what it is and admiring the choreographed movements of those who wish to appreciate it that way too.

South, I'm sorry, left bank of the Seine, just before sundown, let the rhythm move you (or not), or simply enjoy the sculptures, immobile or gently swaying, the choice is yours.

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