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Paris and I ~ 'Taken To The Cleaners'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Taken To The Cleaners ~

Taken To The Cleaners, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Just been watching a wonderfully silly ad in a country near you. Young couple panic coz mother/mother-in-law is in the street about to pay a surprise visit. The problem? The bathroom sink's a disgrace! Panic all round.

Luckily... there's some stoopid cleaning product there to save the day, and mum comes in and immediately checks the bathroom for grime, obviously, because that's all that matters in her life, and is unsurprisingly suitably impressed. Calm returns and a good life is had by all.

The usual, pathetic, intelligence insulting stuff of course, except that... well, it's true, isn't it?

Try as we might, and much as we'd like to think these shallow stereotypes don't hold water, unfortunately, they do though.

In my household, general panic ensues around a two to three days before a motherly or auntily visit is scheduled to materialise. D-3 and battle plans are drawn. D-2 and stern reminders and reiterations of scrubbing duties are hammered home for the hard of cleaning in the 'team'.

D-1 and woe is he (no, not the missing asexual English pronoun, I mean 'HE') who hasn't at least made signs of thinking of moving in the general direction of a well-known faster-acting, now with added... detergent of some description or other.

And if the actual day of the visit arrives without said tasks having been completed to SWMBO's general satisfaction, well, either the visit is cancelled, with all the fun for all the family that engenders, or the visit goes through, again with plenty of family 'entertainment' (grovelling apologies, sly recriminations and looks-that-kill) worthy of any given crappy (but apparently clean) soap opera storyline.

But do you buy it? That's what I always ask myself: to what extent to these damn things work. The ads I mean - we all know the products are much of a muchness, which is why all they are selling these days are dreams...

You have to assume they do work, or companies wouldn't spend millions visually polluting our environment in an effort to drive their message into our poor over-loaded brains and our hands into our under-funded pockets.

My personal approach is to not buy anything I'm conscious of having recently seen advertised on principle, but then again these things are so sneaky and subliminal and snidey it's practically impossible these days to say exactly why we choose one brand over another, even if we think we know the reason. In the end I advise you simply to "Think". Don't ask questions, "Just do it!"

What? "Think"'s owned by IBM? And "Just do it"'s Nike's? Well how about the grammatically appalling but appealing "Think different"? Apple? Uh-huh.

Errr... "Don't think and just don't do it"? Not bad.

"Just don't buy it!? Hey, I think - oops, beg pardon - I mean I 'believe' we're getting somewhere at last!

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