Monday, 25 July 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Time Lapse Sabography'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Time Lapse Sabography ~

Time Lapse Sabography, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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What is it about ourselves?

I very rarely include myself on Paris & I, after all I have an entire blog for weird self-portraits over the years, but in this case it's relevant.

At the Gare du Nord there's a very strange and apparently artistic contraption which makes sinister noises, billows steam and has a wide screen where you can see yourself going by, and you know how much fun that is, don't you? It's the same fascination people exhibit when they look in a shop window and see a TV screen with themselves on it. Or peering up at the train driver's mirror or monitor on a platform trying to spot themselves truly.

So the piece is onto a winning idea straight away. The twist here, and there is a twist, is that there's a time lag of about three seconds between you doing whatever highly intelligent, if slightly self-conscious thing you do when you're looking at yourself and seeing it projected on the screen.

Watching people interacting with this thing, or even just realising what's going on, is quite fun. They will walk across the area and just as they are passing the screen see themselves appearing. This can lead to minutes of amusement, waving at yourself then standing quite still as yourself waves back. Killer hilarious.

This shot was taken with the very device I'm waving in my hand at an impossible angle, illustrating the concept.

What does it all mean? Oh, you know, you're an intelligent person, so I imagine that your guess is as good as mine. It means whatever you want it to mean in the end I suppose. And you'll probably be right.

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