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What Do Parisians Heart?

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~ What Do Parisians Heart? ~

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Heh heh, this would be really funny if it didn't smack of whingey xenophobia as witnessed by the fact that most of it's in English.

Having said that, there are quite a few Parisians I've met over the years, and as an old English teacher that probably runs well into the thousands with whom I've talked in some depth about all manner of things, who would agree that Parisians aren't always the most affable of characters.

There was even a series of very amusing ads for the 'Parisian' newspaper, featuring characters wiping shit off their shoes on their neighbour's doormat and tutting as someone dropped litter only to insouciantly let their dog crap on the side walk five seconds later.

The tagline to the ad was 'The Parisian: it's better to see him in the newspaper', which was quite clever, and goes to show that someone, somewhere, has a sense of humour and the ability to see the funny side of life in the Big P.

Which is why it bores me to hear certain tourists and relatively new expats moaning about Parisian life. Personally I've never experienced anything I haven't met elsewhere, and reckon it's just a case of not expecting things to be the same as 'back home', and then you won't be disappointed.

Then again, this sticker is probably just an actual Parisian laughing at themselves and their just occasionally merited reputation. Good for them!

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