Saturday, 3 September 2011

Dangerous Highs

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~ Dangerous Highs ~

Dangerous High, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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I posted a question on my Paris If You Please Facebook page of these welcoming spikes in silhouette asking if anyone could guess what they were. I'll include that pic in the text below.

You can see here quite clearly what they are, but that doesn't reveal for us quite the reason why the people living in these particular Parisian apartments feel the need for quite such a strong deterrent for anyone considering the idea of shinnying up the drainpipe for whatever reason.

I'd say it's effective though, as the slight urge I felt to get up there was immediately quashed upon considering the prospect of getting one of those things accidentally lodged in one of my eye sockets. I'm sure you can see what I mean.

Not that this sort of paranoid behaviour seems to be common in Paris. I'm not sure what the crime rate actually is, but you don't hear about break-ins that often (although you do hear about them). I guess digicodes and pretty public front walls have a lot to do with that.

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