Sunday, 18 September 2011

Metro Crossing

Metro Crossing, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

A level crossing? In the middle of Paris? Yes, that's right. If you were in this particular quarter at the right time you just might see a good old green metro, of the line 6 variety I would say, or could that be line 2, trundling across the road. Amazing, I mean it's got those descending red and White striped barriers and everything. I haven't actually seen one go across yet, but I'll bet there's a cool beeping sound just like the ones in the Enfield of my childhood, all those years ago.

What's even more curious is that about 15 metres further down the very same road is a Petite Ceinture railway bridge soaring overhead. Humour me and just accept that railway bridges can soar in Sab's universe today, OK? Two quirks for the price of one. Now there's value for money for you.

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