Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Oh Yes It Is

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~ Oh Yes It Is ~

Oh Yes It Is, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Wandering around République looking for the smallest house in Paris, of all things, what do I stumble upon but a call from the old country.

What you see here isn't advertising Paris for the hard of thinking, but a pure-to-goodness Ye Olde English Grocery, although I can't quite remember ever actually having seen one like this back home.

This one, which I had to look up / track down later, is called the Epicerie Anglaise and sells nostalgically wholesome stuff like Horlicks and Alpen, Golden Syrup and Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Stilton and PG Tips, Abbot Ale (believe it) and (drum roll please)... MARMITE, the evil yeast extract that even the company says if you haven't been exposed to it by the age of two you will spontaneously vomit upon contact. Or something like that.

I didn't actually go in, as it was closed, and the aforementioned humble abode was still eluding me, but just the red telephone box in the window had the tears of familiarity welling up. Hey, didn't I see something similar in the city recently? Yes, I did. Strange.

Well so much for the most authentic English grocery in Paris; did I find the smallest house? Yes, I did too, although it was probably the most unimpressive 'most' or '-est' I've yet seen, although the metal grill didn't do much to glamorise it. I'll be back to capture in it the glorious light of day soon no doubt.

In the meantime I'll just close my eyes and dream of Cadbury's Flakes, Double Deckers, Crunchies and other childhood sweethearts.
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